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We are an independent consulting firm, focused on the telecommunications sector. We have extensive industry knowledge, consulting experience, technical and commercial analyses capability to address challenges and opportunities across wired and wireless technologies, standards, regulatory, spectrum management, economic, and commercial domains.

CASiTEL offers a wide range of consulting services for several industries. We’ve got extensive expertise and the necessary tools to conduct complex projects and help you achieve your objectives. We partner with our clients to develop engaging business strategies, design high quality and scalable solutions.

Our Mission

"To serve our clients with high quality consulting and advisory services, provide the most innovative technical, commercial, financial and regulatory solutions, and be an active participant in the development of the present and future connectivity  

Our Focus Areas

CASiTEL provides a comprehensive set of consulting services in four areas: Technology Solutions, Spectrum Management,  System Engineering, and Commercial Solutions.

CASiTEL provides expertise on the infrastructure side of end-to-end architectures for various enabling technologies, as well as assessment of technologies that are most applicable considering the local market and economic conditions. Our expert advisors are experienced across a range of technical/techno-commercial and regulatory aspects and responses to new, internet-enabled services and applications as well as the corresponding ongoing evolution across the electronic communications sector, particularly in emerging mobile broadband (e.g. 5G standards development) and future generations of FWA to enable fibre-like broadband access as a cost-effective replacement/extension of wired/cable infrastructure. 

In addition, CASiTEL offers expertise in providing frameworks for digital services, including review and analysis of advantages and disadvantages in the local context and providing guidelines and technical parameters to the regulator for restructuring/incentivising the market for digitisation.

Our Key Differentiators

We offer a unique and independent service of consulting expertise in telecommunications covering various engineering, economics regulatory and legal aspects underpinned with deep technology know-how. In a business which pivots upon rapidly evolving technology, this is very much in demand in today’s marketplace. Together with our partners and our experience of working with operators, investors, governments and regulators on projects of substantial magnitude, CASiTEL can leverage a range of skills, experience and global reach not available to many of our competitors.

Our Track Record

CASiTEL has extensive industry knowledge, consulting experience, technical, commercial & regulatory/policy analysis capability to address challenges and opportunities across telecoms and broadcast technologies, standards, regulatory, spectrum management, economic, and commercial domains. CASiTEL has consulted on a broad range of legacy and modern Telecom technologies and standards across public, private and government sectors covering technical, regulatory and economics aspects in different countries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.