Resources: February 2018

Spectrum Implications of 5G & IoT Requirements and Technologies

February 2018


Recent years have witnessed unprecedented growth in mobile data communication facilitated by advances innovated through 4G. The trend will continue through proliferating data hungry services and users’ expectations in experiencing even higher quality of experience while on the move.


In addition, the emerging IoT segment will drive a significant increase in the number of connected devices across a range of vertical markets including health, education, heavy industry, and transportation. 


This new connectivity paradigm will require a network with capabilities that extend far beyond those of its current generation. This network of future – 5G - is currently under development attracting various sectors in defining/developing what it should be capable of. Underpinning requirements for 5G are Enhanced Mobile Broadband, Massive IoT, and Mission Critical Communication which complement and compete with each other.


The three underpinning 5G requirements have their own respective requirements regarding spectrum bands and their quantum. However, the real demand for new spectrum bands stems from the enhanced mobile broadband requirement of 5G whilst the other two will demand reliability and range. WRC15 allocated 471 to 719 MHz of sub-6GHz licensed band depending on the region. WRC19 will consider additional bands, in particular, those bands above 6GHz. 5G technologies are promising to orchestrate the use of various spectrum bands including licensed and unlicensed.

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