CASiTEL holds workshops in Malawi

August 2019

CASiTEL has successfully completed the FM broadcasting project for Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA). Major outcomes of the work have included:

1) A validated database of the current FM network containing accurate information of the FM broadcasting sites and their associated attributes;

2) A thorough examination of the existing FM network coverage and interference status and identification of issues impacting the coverage of broadcast services across Malawi;

3) Significant reduction in the level of interference resulting in a better quality of service for the listeners as well as enabling Malawian to receive more services in a given geographical area;

4) Identification of new channels through changes to the existing assignments and optimisation of broadcasting services coverage, thus enabling more services to be introduced in future. The results were presented to broadcasters in a series of workshops highlighting the improvements achieved and changes that are required. The results will be a tool through which MACRA will fulfil its mandate of creating an enabling environment for the growth of services in broadcasting.