Mobile and FBWA Spectrum Audit and Re-farming for MACRA in Malawi

Client’s Objective

Consultancy services for advising MACRA on spectrum re-farming at 900/1800/2100/2600/3500/3600MHz for mobile and 6/7/8/11/13/15/18GHz for MW transmission network.


Through a comprehensive audit of operators’ networks, telecom market analysis, technologies evolution and international spectrum bands allocation, assess various re-farming and rationalisation options.


Detailed analysis of operators’ networks including assessment of technology evolution trends and deployment roadmap through a systematic survey composed of questions and answers, workshops and face to face meetings;

Assessment of telecom market and its growth to determine spectrum demand over a 10 year time window through network and traffic forecast modelling;

Recommendations on re-farming and rationalisation based on options developed through various technical and commercial scenario analysis.


MACRA has been considering and implementing the recommendations through various regulatory vehicles since the completion of the project.

Top-level Activities

Analysis: Mobile

Analysis: Fixed Wireless Access