National Broadband Strategy for MACRA in Malawi

Client’s Objective

To Develop a National Broadband Strategy with a Supporting Action Plan.


Through defining the strategic objectives, market assessment, assessment of primary and supporting networks in terms of delivery and maturity and identification of gaps, develop a practical and implementable 5-year strategy plan.


Evaluated the primary networks providing broadband access and supporting infrastructure through a systematic survey composed of questions and answers, workshops and face to face meetings with major facility based providers;

Conducted a comprehensive supply/demand analysis through developing a detailed model to determine required technologies evolution and spectrum supply roadmap over a 5-year time window;

Developed a broadband strategy based on a suite of initiatives to evolve networks gracefully including spectrum requirements and network dimensioning, stimulation of broadband demand and the regulator’s and industry responsibilities including cost implications and funding requirements.


MACRA is using the framework and action plans to provide direction and guidance for promoting access to broadband services throughout the country as a catalyst of social and economic development and growth.

Top-Level Activities