ICT Infrastructure Resilience Framework & Guidelines Development for CAK in Kenya

Client’s Objective

Consultancy services to undertake a survey and develop a framework for Network Redundancy, Resilience and Diversity (NRRD) of ICT networks in Kenya.


Conduct a comprehensive survey of various ICT networks and international benchmarking to develop framework and guidelines that could be used by the relevant industries to ensure reliability on their networks.


Evaluated measures and strategies put in place by the network operators to maintain services under failures and disasters through a systematic survey composed of questions and answers, workshops and face to face meetings.

Identified gaps and additional levels of reliability needed based on global trends (benchmarking of 15 countries), best practices and global standards.

Recommended a set of metrics to be used in monitoring the level of availability and time to restore services in the event of failures. 

Developed framework, proposed regulatory interventions and appropriate guidelines using reference network architectures.


The framework recommendations were used by the authority to develop vehicles to monitor the performance of ICT networks concerning business continuity and disaster recovery and take initiatives, based on the recommendations, to increase the availability of ICT services in Kenya.


Top-Level Activities

Guidelines Development